SL5A INDUSTRIAL STORAGE RACK WITH 4 SHELF (100KG) - 2000mm(H)x1500mm(L)x450mm(D)

Shirt 1

**Post Height Can be Customized

Post Size 30mm x 50mm x 1mm
Post Height 2000mm, 2400mm, 3000mm
Beam Size 30mm x 50mm x 0.8mm
Beam Length 1400mm
Layer Board Size 696mm x 430mm x 25mm
Layer Board Thickness 0.35mm
Shelf Loading Area 1400mm x 450mm
Shelf Loading Capacity 100 Kg

• Easy to fix and move around.

• Durable Powder Coating Finish.

• Convenient Knockdown System

• Adjustable gaps between shelves.

• Additional shelves can be inserted.

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